Connecting BILLIVING with Zapier

** Please note, in order to use BILLIVING through Zapier, you’ll need to access their site through this special invite link ***

Getting your favorite apps to work with each other is an easy task with Zapier. Using their simple drag-and-drop interface is bound to save you hours in developing your own custom integrations. Currently you can set up to 5 integrations (“Zaps”) and get 100 tasks per month free of charge.

For illustration purpose we will demonstrate how BILLIVING can utilize Zapier to trigger an e-mail via Gmail whenever an invoice is created in your BILLIVING account. Of course, you can do many other cool things as Zapier is integrated with a long list of apps.

1. Once you’ve created an account at from your dashboard go to “Make a Zap!”. Zap is in essence pairing between two apps. So, in our case we’ll want to pair BILLIVING and Gmail.


2. Once BILLIVING is selected on left hand side a list of triggers is displayed. Triggers are actions which are bound to events that Zapier is able to invoke. So in this example we’re selecting the “New Invoice” option.


3. Likewise, on the right hand side we’ll select Gmail and as our action we’ll select the “Send Email” option.


4. Now you’ll need to connect to your BILLIVING account. You will need to enter your API Authentication Token in the Username field.


You may find your Authentication Token in your BILLIVING account under Settings > API Integration.


5. Once you’ve set up the correct Token you’ll see that your account has been verified.


6. Next we’ll continue to set up various fields related to our Gmail selection. Here we’re actually configuring the email that will be sent out on every invoice creation.

7. Once you’re done you can test your work and name your Zap.


..and we’re done. Zapier scans the BILLIVING API every 5 minutes and whenever it discovers a new invoice it will send out the defined email.

Enjoy your Zapping 🙂

** Please note, in order to use BILLIVING through Zapier, you’ll need to access their site through this special invite link ***