September 21st, 2015 Update

During the past few weeks we’ve completed several new features which we hope will enhance your billing experience.

Early Payment Discount

Early payment discount is a simple yet powerful way to shorten your billing cycle at minimal cost. Shortening your billing cycle means better cashflow which will help your business do better in the long run. Follow this link to understand how this works.



Multiple Account Management

Users operating multiple accounts may use this interface to flip through in between accounts. The service is useful for the following scenarios:

– Accountants needing to access different user accounts
– User operating multiple companies (this is a workaround to the current limited multi-company support via a single account)

To read more about this service visit this link


Bulk Invoice Import

We’ve added support for sending invoices automatically during the import process.

Mobile (Android)

We’ve added options to accept PayPal or credit card while creating an invoice. We do plan to integrate that into the iOs version in the coming days.

Customer Feedback

Most of our development is based on customer feedback. We would love to hear what you’ve got to say so please visit our Support Center to suggest new ideas and comment on existing ones 🙂
For more information please visit our website at