Reselling White Label Invoice

The white label invoice reselling package allows you to create a new billing application under your brand (e.g.: at minimum effort.

Reseller Settings

This is where you set up the core settings of your white label reseller application:


Domain Setup

You’ll need to obtain  your own domain in order to set up your brand. We also advise to obtain a matching SSL certficate for enhanced security (to be able to operate under https). Please note, if you’re not a technical person we’ll be happy to handle your DNS registration modifications.

In order to map your domain to the white label package the following DNS changes are required:

Option 1 – Setting Primary Domain (e.g.:

Record Type Host Points To
A @
CNAME awverfiy

Option 2 – Setting Subdomain (e.g.:

Record Type Host Points To
CNAME awverfiy.Subdomain

Upon successful setup you should see a blue setup screen. At this point we’ll need to complete the installation process by wiring your domain or subdomain to our system. Please contact our support to finalize the process or for any technical assistance.


Site Name

Will be used in the title bar across the application (signup, login etc.)


Mail Settings

The invoicing application generates all sorts of notifications. In this section you’ll be setting the mailbox that will be sending out e-mail reminders, alerts, sign up confirmations etc. Use the ‘Sent Test Mail’ button to verify proper setup.

Self Served Mail Support

You may choose to support your clients technically and use us as 2nd level support. This option generally works if you’re already providing a service and planning to integrate invoicing seamlessly as another module in a wider solution.

White Label Mail Support

We also offer a full white label e-mail support. If you wish to utilize this option please take the following actions:
  • Set up your support mailbox
  • Forward incoming mail to our support email and sent a test
  • Ask us to verify forwarding
  • Send us mailbox information and access


Embed Options


There are two ways you may embed login page:
  • Redirect to your login page by using the url provided under your account
  • Embedding the login page within your own hosted page. This option is designed for cases you’d like to be using a popup window on your own website.

Our web application is designed to break out of IFrames once your customer logs in.


The signup page is designed to be hosted on your website through IFrame. Simply copy the code snippet and paste it within a dedicated sign up page. Sign up errors are designed to appear with a 600px X 600px size so please do not modify the allocated IFrame size.


  • The recommended logo size is 134px X 30px
  • Acceptable file types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp;
  • We recommend going with png for transparency reasons.



Setting up your own pricing schema is optional and it does require you to set up a 2checkout account in order to accept payments.

Gateway Setup

Enter your 2Checkout Seller Id

Pricing Schedule

Enter rates for all services as illustrated below:


Reseller Subscribers

This page will list subscribers as they join the service through your branded signup page.


Reseller Earnings

This page reflects earnings and payments made to you.
  • Payments can be made through PayPal or credit card
  • Payments are made at the 1st of each month
  • We split a 50%-%50 revenue share
  • Payment threshold is $50 accumulated funds and minimum 3 subscribers


Reseller Extras

Reselling our web application is 100% free. You may however apply for our iOS/Android mobile customizations (see pricing at your account).