Oct. 30th, 2014 Update

BILLIVING recent update has included the following:

User Management

With User Management support you are now able to create multiple user accounts which may be used by your staff or representatives working on your behalf.


Users with administrative privileges are able to perform any activity on the account without any restrictions. That includes creating invoices/estimates, viewing all invoices, creating users etc. just like you were able up to today.


This new user type has now been introduced. Staff users are limited to viewing their own generated data which basically means that they are only exposed to invoices, estimates, purchase orders & payments they have created. Staff user dashboard is respectively limited to the mention information so that they aren’t exposed to the overall business performance. Staff users are also limited to editing their own user account and do not have the ability to create additional user accounts.


Additional user accounts may be purchased for $2/month per user account. If you need to upgrade only that portion of your account contact us directly at via e-mail.
The above pricing schedule applies up to 9 users, above that you’ll get unlimited user accounts.

Copy As

We’ve received many request to convert documents in different permutations (i.e.: invoices to estimates, estimates to invoices, purchase order to invoices etc.). So now it is all made possible with the new “Copy As” functionality. You can even convert any of these documents into recurring profile to deliver scheduled invoices.

Authorize.Net Support

– CVV is now supported
– Other fields (name, address, country etc.) can now be passed and saved in your Authorize.net account
– You may now allow your customers to make partial payments towards your invoices

All of these options are optional and may be turned on by going to Settings > Online Payment > Authorize.Net (tick checkboxes).

If you would like to sign up for an Authorize.Net account to accept online payments follow this link:

PayPal Logo Support

Your invoice logo will now show up on your PayPal payment page

Customer Feedback

Most of our development is based on customer feedback. We would love to hear what you’ve got to say so please visit our Support Center to suggest new ideas and comment on existing ones 🙂
For more information please visit our website at www.billiving.com

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