Jan. 1, 2014 Update

During the past few weeks we’ve completed several new features which we hope will enhance your billing experience.

Authroize.Net Payment Processing

Authorize.Net makes accepting credit card payments safe, easy and affordable! In order to start receiving credit card payments via your online invoices, you may sign up with authorize.net to obtain a merchant account. Please visit ourAuthorize.NET Payment Integration page for more information.

Managing Multiple Companies Under a Single Account

We’ve added support for multiple company management. This may be useful for users that are managing more than one company and wish to have aggregate control under a single account. Please visit our Multiple Company Management page for more information.

Invoice Decimal Precision Scale

Some customers brought up a need for greater invoice precision scale (above the 2-decimal standard).
Please visit our High Decimal Precision Scale page for more information.

Invoice Report Export

We have modified our invoice report export.
Please visit our Invoice Report Export page for more information.

Customer Feedback

Most of our development is based on customer feedback. We would love to hear what you’ve got to say so please visit our Support Center to suggest new ideas and comment on existing ones 🙂
For more information please visit our website at BILLIVING.com