Invoice Payment SMS with Twilio

Would you like to get SMS (text message) instantly when your clients pay their invoices? This use case is probably not for you if you’re generating thousands of invoices, however for just a handful of them it may be worth it – extending your ability to react promptly to any issues discovered, especially if you’re moving around a lot.

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Twilio Integrates with BILLIVING

With a few simple steps you can easily set up SMS integration between Twilio and BILLIVING. The integration will kick off as soon as you receive a payment through BILLIVING invoice. You can start off at BILLIVING by clicking the integration menu item on the left hand side:


Now, select the Twilio app:

You’ll now see Twilio-BILLIVING integrations. Click the ‘Install’ button:


You’ll need to obtain some credentials for both apps. Some instructions appear on the right hand side:


Obtain the BILLIVING api key by going to Cog > API Integration:

In Twilio go to Settings to pick up your Account SID and AUTH Token:


Once integration has been saved, you’ll see the ‘Setup Complete’ indicator. You can also come back later to uninstall this integration in case it is no longer required:


Following a successful setup you will receive SMS (text message) for every payment made through BILLIVING invoices as illustrated below. The link available via the message will lead you to the receipt page so you can inspect the payment details.

sms receipt