Authorize.Net Invoice Integration

About Authorize.Net

Authorize.Net Payments or  Authorize.Net Invoicing makes accepting credit card payments safe, easy and affordable.

Process Description:

In order to start receiving credit card payments via your online invoices please sign up for an merchant account. Obtain your login id and transaction key at Authorize.Net by going to Account>Settings>API Login ID and Transaction Key (see here).

Then log into your BILLIVING account:

1. Go to Settings > Online Payment > Authorize.Net

2. Save your credentials.

We advise that you first set your account in “Test Mode” to test your settings and move into “Live Mode” following a successful verification. Please note that our “Test Mode” works against Authorize.Net SandBox account which you can create at

3. Make sure that Authorize.Net mandatory fields set on Account > Payment Form > Form Fields are aligned with those that are checked on our site.

4. Create a new invoice then e-mail it to your client.

5. Your invoice will now show a “Pay Now” button at the top right corner as illustrated below:


6. The “Pay Now” button invokes the following payment form. Please note, while in “Test Mode” you can use “4111111111111111” to conduct tests. Other test card numbers are avialable here:


7. Once payment is posted, the invoice will indicate the new “Paid” status. In addition both you and your client will receive a payment notification.