Highrise CRM Made Easier With HighRise Invoicing

HighRise CRM is the market-leading CRM software that makes it easy to manage your business. Some of the notable features of HighRise CRM include:

• The ability to important contacts from Microsoft Excel or Outlook

• Meeting Notes

• Document and Contracts attachment feature to directly send files to your contacts

• Versatility – Access from your iPhone or Android device

• Task Management – You can keep a track of your employees, assign tasks to a co-worker etc

It goes without saying that HighRise CRM is an excellent product to manage the workflow in any organization and the above features are just the highlights of what HighRise can do. With HighRise, you need fewer resources and time to run a business with it’s without major flaws in operations while exceeding delivery quality and time-frame.

HighRise Invoicing – Make Full Use Of HighRise With BILLIVING

BILLIVING is a HighRise invoicing system that lets users to use HighRise CRM to its fullest potential. Without BILLIVING, you will feel HighRise is ‘incomplete.’  For example, you can keep a track of your leads, deals and contacts with HighRise. Simply put, customer relations are taken to an all new level with HighRise CRM and you need not worry about;

• Getting back to a client in a timely manner

• Worry about following up on a pending sales deal

• Track business proposal

While keeping a track of sales leads, winning and losing proposals and emails makes your job a lot easier, exporting this data to a separate application for invoicing purposes is not only frustrating but it also interfere with the productivity. This is where BILLIVING, the HighRise invoicing system comes handy.

HighRise Invoicing With BILLIVING – Now Life Is A Lot Easier

Integrating BILLIVING to HighRise CRM is incredibly easy and can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to Settings > Add-Ons

2. Click the HighRise.com link to edit settings

3. Enter HighRise.com configuration settings

Once you integrate BILLIVING with HighRise CRM, your invoicing becomes easier and more accurate because all your HighRise contacts will be also available on BILLIVING. When you are winning a new proposal, you need not spend time pulling out previous emails and data to figure out the agreed amounts to invoice your client but this can be done in a single click through HighRise invoicing powered by BILLIVING.

Proposal Management Is Not Complete Without Invoicing

Managing business proposals is no easy task. You will be sending out proposals to clients on a daily basis and each proposal will be of an entirely different scope. With HighRise CRM, you can effectively keep a track on the proposals you send and its replies. After all, easy access and tracking of proposal is one of the key reasons businesses use HighRise CRM. Many companies keep a separate record of winning proposals and positive leads outside the HighRise platform because they need to use a different system for invoicing their clients. This will make the HighRise application ‘missing something’ and less functional. If you use HighRise invoicing system from BILLIVING, you can bypass the need for a separate documentation and bill your clients directly.

HighRise Invoicing With BILLIVING – Finally Invoicing Is A Joyful Experience!

Let’s admit it. Getting money from a client is fun but preparing an invoice isn’t and it was never. However, BILLIVING’s HighRise invoicing changes this perspective dramatically.

• Integration with Leading Payment Processors such as PayPal and Credit Cards makes it easy to receive money from your clients, regardless of their preferred payment methods.

• No longer worry about charging the same client different rates. BILLIVING keeps a record of all HighRise invoicing activities.

• Time Is Money and Saving Time Is Bliss – Estimates, purchase orders and conversion of estimates to invoices of your HighRise contacts etc is one click away.

• You can monitor if a customer opened your invoice or not, which makes it simple handling various invoices.

It goes without saying that HighRise invoicing with BILLIVING is the best invoicing tool use HighRie CRM’s potential to its fullest.