BILLIVING Moved into Cloud

Hey Everyone,

We’re happy to finally announce our official migration from legacy hosting into Azure cloud services. Since our domain has been moved you may not be able to load the site properly for the next 48 hours (you may see a message that the site is under construction when in fact it is live in the new location).

You may either wait up to 48 hours for DNS refresh or you can speed up the process by clearing your local DNS cache by following this article:

We hope that by moving into the cloud our service will be upgraded by enabling the following:

  • Always Online – Microsoft Azure guarantees an SLA of 99.95% which means less downtime and a higher guarantee of availability.
  • Backup & Recovery – reliable automated backups and recovery options will safe-guard your data under the highest standards.
  • Speed & Performance – using the latest hardware you experience a better and faster service the way it should be.

Our team is dedicated to continue and provide the best support possible around the clock. However, if any issues arise during this phase please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,
Your BILLIVING support Team