Using BILLIVING as an affordable Invoicing Solution

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The Benefits of Using Authorize.Net and BILLIVING Invoicing

With more and more commerce happening online, business owners have the unique opportunity to expand their businesses and reach customers they would have never been able to find without the use of the internet. Online commerce does present one major challenge however: how do you both assure customers that their payment information is safe and make it easy for them to purchase? This is where Authorize.Net comes in. They were one of the first credit card and payment authorizing companies and are still one of the most trusted and multi-faceted.

Authorize.Net Gateway payment system allows you as an owner of an ecommerce website, it keep track of your customers and payments, as well as authorize almost any payment method. It allows you to branch out beyond just PayPal, into both credit cards and debit cards, as well as electronic checks. Plus, if you have a brick and mortar store, you can sync all of your financials together, storing all of your sales, profits, and customer information in one secure place.

Even Better with BILLIVING Invoicing

As a merchant, you have plenty of tools available to you, furnished by Authorize.Net Gateway payment system, but you may still lack one of the most important tools. BILLIVING picks up where Authorize.Net leaves off, providing an easy to use invoicing program. This system allows you to create invoices with your company logo, and send them either via email, or print them out and send them via the post.

These invoices are then tracked and curated entirely by BILLIVING—which means less worry for you and less waiting for payments. Instead of constantly checking to see who has paid and who needs to be reminded, BILLIVING’s program does this automatically, streamlining the entire invoice process, saving time, and therefore money. You can even set up recurring billing and create sales and profit reports, right from the information collected and organized through BILLIVING’s invoicing programs.

Nothing makes your company look more legitimate than consistent, personalized invoices, completely with your name and your information. Whether they are sent online or through the mail, whether you are a business of one or a Fortune 500 mogul, you look professional, with your very own brand and logo right on the invoice, as well as the ability to choose from a number of different templates. Best of all, the system is easy to learn and use, so you won’t spent hours trying to figure out how to create and fill your invoices.

As an added bonus, BILLIVING offers a number of cheap plans, which make it possible for you to pay only for the features that you need as a merchant. If you do not need to schedule recurring invoices, you do not have to pay for it. Every plan supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as the ability to track your inventory, automate your reminder system, and even notify you that your invoice has been viewed and received. BILLIVING, integrated with Authorize.Net is a cheap and easy way to take your company paperless, track your financials, and look professional while you do it.

*** For our Authorize.Net step-by-step guide please click here ***